Add 2 die - flip over milk cap with number on it...first to flip them all wins!      Gloucestershire Resource Centre

Milk cap math game for basic +/-/x/division practice - MADS Elimination. Multiply, Add, Divide, or Subtract in order to eliminate all milk caps on the playing field.

Magnets.          Gloucestershire Resource Centre

Happiness Crafty: 12 Ways to Reuse Bottle Caps (Square Bottle Painting)

Bottle cap key rings.                              Gloucestershire Resource Centre

Kenyan artisans put waste to work in these fun bottle cap key chains.Using discarded bottle caps from Tusker and Guiness beer and Coca Cola and Fanta soft drink bottles,.

Bottle top tiles.                 Gloucestershire Resource Centre

Bottlecap backsplash tile for vertical surfaces. Beer caps representing a large range of brews and breweries. Or, special custom order with soft drink soda caps for a whimsical wet bar backsplash design.

Recycled Buttons made from bottle caps and pull tabs.                                            Gloucestershire Resource Centre

Recycled Buttons Made from Bottle Caps and Pull Tabs

Recycled Buttons made from bottle caps and pull tabs in art metals accessories with sustainable Reused Recycled pull tab Caps Button Bottle. SO DARN CLEVER!

You can flatten bottle tops in a Cuttlebug!                        Gloucestershire Resource Centre

Prev pinner: How to flatten bottle caps using a cuttlebug! Now I have to go dig my cuttlebug out use up all of those bottle caps I've had for years!