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I can't believe this is real!!! xDD

Sadly, it turns out that the image was a joke, created by the Huffington Post's UK Comedy team. page of iOS 7 terms and conditions


No, reading is so much more. It is traveling to another world. It is living your dreams. It is falling in love with strangers. It is living another life. Reading is so much more thank staring at a piece of dead wood with ink on it and hallucinating.

Cybersex with Cleverbot - hahahahahahahahaha hahahah hahaha hahahahahha I just cant stop xD yeeees

Oh my gosh XD I can't breathe>>> THIS IS SO FUNNY! The vet last comment tho! << Lololol "rips apart your skeleton"

took me a sec to realize who it was . it was on the tip of my tongue for the longest time

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy in their invisible boat mobile! OMG, I love these people!

This man living life to the fullest. | 33 Responses That Prove Tumblr Has The Best Users Ever

This man living life to the fullest. ▪▪ fuzz sez: Can't catch my breath, laughing wayyy to hard.

Guys, Nine threw a party and didn't tell us....

"I like Bananas. Bananas are good. Great source of potassium." "Always bring a banana to a party, Rose.

Did it?

Too funny to handle: I was looking up mug cakes and came across this pin.the cake jumped out of the mug. :)>>>>>This made me laugh so hard!