Snowflake lanterns

Everything Under the Moon: 12 Days of Christmas - Snowflake Lanterns - snowflake stencils on jar, spray paint (for Anne for Christmas)

felt snowflake

Snowflake Pin Handmade Felt White With Pink Accents


Get in the holiday spirit (without spending a lot) by making your own music-themed Christmas tree ornaments. (use red card stock instead of cardboard).Can add to Christmas card

DIY Graham Cracker Santa

Winter party idea: Craft and take home treat. Cute graham cracker Santa for kids to make. If we want to avoid "Santa" or "holiday" maybe just snowmen or other winter scenes, stars or snowflakes on the graham. Edible "glitter" could make it really pop!


glittery snowflake wreath replace colors with christmas colors with the white snowflake or different kinds of blue with the white snowflakes.

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