Dangermouse! Cartoon, for years I thought that Penfold was a mole..

Danger Mouse and Penfold. Loved this cartoon.

Danger Mouse en VO - Dare Dare Motus en VF (il fallait un nom avec un D et un M en français...) - je kiffe le générique français.

My brother loved Dangermouse!

Penfold, from DangerMouse

Penfold - Danger Mouse Oh crumbs DM!

Dangermouse cupcakes!!!!

iOS and Danger Mouse Cupcakes

Post with 28810 views. iOS and Danger Mouse Cupcakes

Remember Dangermouse? Stephen Fry and Alexander Armstrong star in the upcoming CBBC remake of the nostalgic kid's TV show of the 80s.

Danger Mouse returns in reboot trailer

He's the greatest, he's fantastic, wherever there is danger he'll be there......Dangermouse, Dangermouse

ohhhh how I loved Danger Mouse!



▶ Dangermouse - Series 1 - 'The odd ball runaround' - YouTube . Sigh.... i loved Dangermouse...

Dangermouse - Series 1 - 'The odd ball runaround'

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The real Danger Mouse (and Penfold)