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Fractals in Nature- Cut into a Cabbage and you'll find a Fractal - Inside of a thin cross-section of wood stalk there is a circular Fractal

Nature, after all, is not so poor that she requires constant improvement Photographs and title by Albert Renger-Patzsch (1897–1966)

Macro-photograph of mushroom gills! 'Fungi Lepiota procera' by German photographer Albert Renger-Patzsch Gelatin silver print. via the Met, NYC

Pauline Lee - Stoneware clay textured with plant material and moulded into hollow forms.    50cm x 25cm

Ceramic torso form by Pauline Lee Stoneware clay textured with plant material and moulded into hollow forms.

Gossypium Cotton Plant Cross Section

Gossypium Cotton Plant Cross Section cotplan feat

Cross-section of plant roots. Beautiful nature. Microscopic Photography. Science as art.

Longitudinal section of a Pistia root with lateral root primordia. Prepared slide from Triarch, observed through the objective of an Olympus microscope.

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Art of the Day: Joan Jonas Mirror Piece I, 1969 Chromogenic print 101 x cm Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York Purchased with funds contributed by the Photography Committee © 2010 Joan Jonas

Make a vertical hanging succulent garden.

How to on framed succulent planters (chicken wire & used picture frame - affordable!

Create Cyanotype images linking in with Wedgewood's blue and white's?

cyanotypes of weeds on old postcards // plants meet art

'honesty' seedpods .. this grew in my garden as a child ..

Eerie Black 'Honesty' Seedpods - Money Plant- looks like where all the holes in nylons went.

Swoon...I would've loved this as a kid! Who doesn't love a good hiding spot? Garden Teepee #McCainAllGood

I want something like this, not necessarily a teepee, but a canvas tent or some other space that greenery has grown over! green teepee {a secret gardener}