Bacon Wrapped Cheese Burger with Cheese on the inside and topped with Green Chile Sauce

Bacon Cheese Burger

Bacon Cheese Burger - Ok, I don't know where you get the gadget to make these burgers but what a clever idea! Use Turkey burger or chicken burger, low fat cheese, turkey bacon and it'll be much healthier!

Salted Caramel Lava Cake

Salted Caramel Lava Cake

Salted Caramel Lava Cake, yes please! Ingredients 4 oz of semi-sweet baking chocolate squares grams] 4 oz of butter stick or 113 grams] cup of sugar or icing sugar 2 large eggs cup A P flour Some butter for greasing 4 ramekins caramel

chocolate pumpkin cake with salted caramel frosting

Chocolate Pumpkin Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Cream Cheese Buttercream Frosting and Gilded White Chocolate Pumpkins with Caramel Corkscrew Vines (from Phemomenon)

Sea bass with sizzled ginger, chilli & spring onion

Sea bass with sizzled ginger, chilli & spring onions


Nutella Pretzel Brownies-recipe should read c crushed pretzels. I would add more pretzels to make the crust a little thicker. Wonder if this would be OK using a box brownie mix.

easy enough to do

How to cook perfect barbecue ribs

Felicity Cloake: Is this mainstay of the American barbecue canon overrated or a porcine classic?

Good light carbonara recipe

Carbonara – Authentic recipe

Coconut prawns with salsa

With a crispy coconut coating and fresh fruity salsa, these easy prawn skewers bring a bit of sunshine to any table

Broad bean crostini

Broad bean crostini

Broad bean crostini Impress guests with this tasty appetiser of broad bean crostini. Add olives, ham, feta cheese or cherry tomatoes to add extra flavour.

Prawn salad with pickled cucumber

Prawn salad with pickled cucumber recipe

Prawn salad with pickled cucumber This salad is refreshing, very easy and very quick to prepare. The prawns are lightly fried and tossed into a salad of cucumber, spinach, chilli and coriander leaves

Chicken Satay

Chicken Satay - I keep finding recipes with fish sauce in the ingredients. I guess I'm gonna have to go buy some, but I can't help but wonder. where does fish sauce come from? Even worse, do I really want to know?

Rolo Cheesecake Bars / Bakers Royale

Rolo Cheesecake Bars

Rolo Cheesecake Bars -Bakers Royale - must not eat these until hmmmm a long time after Christmas - but a girl can dream.