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Altered Book Alice's  Wonderland. If I ever win the lottery, I will empty her shop out. These are amazing.

These altered books sculptures by Susan Hoerth, aka Raidersofthelostart, The story character are coming out in the book and the effect are look like becomes a

Beautiful art journal.  喜欢美丽的标本,喜欢有故事的明信片,喜欢各种风格的笔记本,喜欢一切的美好,把它们都收集起来,偶尔回头看看,心里总会充满大大的满足感。

This year you will maintain a sketchbook. It is your personal space to create. You will have assignments and specific works to create, but the sketchbook is for you. Many artists use sketchbooks as a.

Book art by Thomas Wightman.  This is all gorgeous. Done by people withway more patience than me

This artist book was created by Thomas Wightman. This book is about butterflies. It was created by using a scalpel to cut out different shapes of butterflies. It looks like the butterflies are flying around and it looks

Alice in Wonderland book sculpture by Kelly Campbell

Now *this* is a craft using a book that I can get behind (unlike the Lauren Conrad book box fiasco.) Kelly Campbell Berry Book Sculptures- Alice in Wonderland