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Leslie’s Savannah Bachelorette Party: Day Two

Great hen party idea!

think this would be better for a bridal shower CUTE! maybe not the lipstick but a small card for guests at the party to sign then frame up with a group shot cause my bride loves photos :)

Wine bottle guest book... Like the idea of doing this at the hens night actually, with him doing same on stag night and we get to open both bottles on our anniversary!

Wine bottle guest book or for a going away party or gift. open on your anniversary!this would be such a great idea for a guest book .

Almost Mr. & Mrs. Quiz, do this for the bride then switch the bride to groom and quiz.

A quiz for the soon-to-be Mr. is the perfect way to break the ice during a bridal shower, and provide entertainment for the bachelorette. Prior to the pre-wedding event, ask the Groom the.

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Wedding Countdown: 10 Things to Do Last

Champagne is ALWAYS the answer.Champagne bar for brides and bridesmaids the morning of the wedding. Mimosas all day.

DIY hen party goody bags! - these are so cute, wish I had thought of this

DIY hen party goody bags - have a fancy pic of the hen on one side and a small pic of each individual guest on the other

Hen do keepsake. Get all the hens to write a recipe to a good marriage on a wooden Spoon and give the bride a gift for life.

We love this cute and unique idea for a bride-to-be gift. Personalized notes and suggestions written on wooden spoons is a great way to do something from the group. And as a plus, it's super cheap!

At the bachorlette party have all your girls kiss a canvas and then sign their name next to it <3 so cute

At the bachorlette party have all your girls kiss a canvas and then sign their name next to it like kissing freedom goodbye

Decoration idea. Loved and pinned by

Balloon Chandelier DIY

DIY Balloon Photo Chandelier - on your childs birthday fill their room with "floating" old picture of them and their friends and family, or cards they recieved when they were younger for their birthdays, holidays, etc.

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