Spiral staircases represent negative space in an everyday form. We need negative space as much as we need light to shine through those spaces!

The Culture of Smoking by Bruketa&Žinić and Brigada

Playing with the idea of taboo, their intention was to design an anti-exhibition – a display that hides the exhibits even from the museum itself.

Silver and Cement - Richard Tuttle

Mixed materials of silver and cement by Richard Tuttle - need a cool sculpture like this on my new dresser!


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Alfred Dunhil pop-up store during New York Fashion Week! Great strategy for the male market!

Dunhill Pop up shop - Real-space.dk - The first and only pop-up store/flash retail specialist in Denmark.

Wire-mesh pipe organ by Edoardo Tresoldi, Eau Clair – Wisconsin » Retail Design Blog

italian artist edoardo tresoldi has created an enormous wire-mesh organ, erected at the heart of the 2016 eaux claires festival in eau clair, wisconsin