Cave to Canvas, Gwen John, The Convalescent, c. 1923-24

Sister of Augustus John. Mostly focused on three quarter portraits of solitary women in muted tones. Studied in Paris at James McNeil Whistler's academy. Artwork: The Convalescent,

spiritedpursuit: “ TAKE THE LEAP By Lee Litumbe It’s now been forty-eight hours since I arrived in Dakar, Senegal. Forty-eight glorious hours filled with connecting with incredibly talented creatives,.

audreyhepburncomplex: “ Elle Fanning for New York Magazine ”

fridacashflow: “ I hate these bangs but when they work, they work ”

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A Pastel Perspective by Chloe Sheppard“Dreamy, pastel, and girl-oriented” is how Chloe Sheppard describes her work. And she does it really well: one look at her film photographs and you’re.