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Sequoia O'sullivan

Sequoia O'sullivan
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The yin yang bathtub is ideal for couples who want to spend quality time without encroaching on each other’s personal space. The unique yin yang design separates the tub in two equal halves – creating the ultimate in “his” and “hers” bathroom luxury.

Kitchen <3

An earth friendly kitchen in stone, wood and tile. The stone wall in this rustic kitchen is highlighted by salvaged wood beams and white tile. Floor made from flagstone and reclaimed hemlock wood mirrors the stone wall panel and timber ceiling.

Bordello Shoes Teeze 10G Black Glitter Ribbon Laced Shoe

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“The art of smile & nod when all you wanted was to punch them in the face” This is my life lesson of the day. Print by Wasted Rita


DIY Burberry tribal high heels with only some bead embellishments And a sense of inspiration ! So easy to do , great tutorial but so fashionable!


Art I wish I was smart enough as a kid to make a fort that awesome. This site has really cool ways to use christmas lights in rooms! my-future-home-s


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