Star and Moon Sheet Metal Arabic Design

Arabic design - looking through the cut-out pattern to the sky. This pattern of great symmetry and beauty is based on an Arabic lattice-work window design.

Geometric Patterns in Islamic Art

Geography: Attributed to Syria. free blown, enameled and gilded; tooled on the pontil.

Mrs. Castellano’s 8th grade art students learned about the ancient art of Islam and their use of radial symmetry in tile design. Printmaking techniques where used to replicate the look of tile. Students made one interesting abstract design using precise measurements that when duplicated in a radial pattern, matched up to one another creating a new design. Tiles where completed with specific color combinations to convey the emotional quality desired.

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Blue Tile - Ann Chandler Design

Soft tactile velvet printed with exotic designs - cushion cover (Anna Chandler Designs).

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