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the building has many plants growing on it's sides and is surrounded by greenery
an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by trees and lights
an outdoor bathroom with a large tub next to a wooden deck surrounded by greenery
The Lush Horizon Residence by Mohammad Hossein Rabbani Zade
The Lush Horizon Residence by Mohammad H|Visualization
the inside of an old cathedral with sunlight streaming in through the windows and moss growing on the ground
Don't know where this is but it's awesome
people are standing on a bridge over clear water
A Guide to Incredible Lavertezzo, Switzerland
a waterfall is seen from the inside of a cave
14 Amazing Waterfalls Around The World You Have To Travel To See!
Baatara Ggorge Waterfall or "“Cave of the Three Bridges” ~ Tannourine, Lebanon
a river running through a canyon next to a cliff with stairs on the side and trees growing out of it
Baños, Ecuador
a gothic - style building lit up at night