This is a nice-looking living room with smaller rug. Perhaps the key is to frame the rug with sofas / sofa and armchair combo / sofa and the window. And another trick is to fill up the room so the size doesn't look awkward.

shareen joel's weekender via inside out

Love the shelf for art behind the couch. There are so many design choices I would love to make if my kids weren't destined to destroy everything. Maybe some day, art shelf behind couch

rug / Photographed by Beppe Brancato for Casa Vogue

orange and grey flower carpet

orange and grey flower rug love these flowers, thinking about the orange color.

Gandia Blasco | Gandia Blasco Rugs I | Gandia Blasco Materiaris Rug

Gandia Blasco Materiaris Rug from the Gandia Blasco Rugs collection at Modern Area Rugs

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