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This board is dedicated to what inspired me to write The Hidden Saga. Please take pleasure in it, and if you like it, follow it and tell a friend. You can find more of my work @ http://serinahartwell.com/ with links to my other sites. You can also follow me on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/serina.hartwell, or on Twitter @ https://twitter.com/SerinaHartwell. It is your support that keeps me writing. Thank you. Serina Hartwell - Author of the Hidden Saga.
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Possibility: a Writer's Dream. Rejoice, experiences the Ages Of Yore...Possibility, Birthed From Imagination, The Mother Of Imagination, The Neurotransmitters are firing...The Neurons are floating freely through time...Another Writer's journey...The Manifestation a Meditation in Ebony and Ivory...Possibility, Imagination, Kevin Flynn Understood...The Magic, The Mystic, POSSIBILITY. Writing Inspiration, Story Inspiration, Character Inspiration, Imagination, Elemento Fogo, Fantasy World, Fantasy Art, Light My Fire, Fire Element

Fire can be many different ideas and concepts (the fire in a person, risen out of flames) and i think that fire can be the prettiest, strongest, fiercest, deadliest and gentlest thing and that is what makes it so captivating