DIY custom masking tape address labels

Etsy packaging inspiration Stamp on colored masking tape using an address stamp, or any stamp you want. Love this idea!

Kerry Cassill journals

Large notebooks covered in fabric, could do it myself! this is such a cute idea, I need these notebooks as a stationary addict myself!

Rainbow Pencils SO much fun for a rainbow or art theme - use during party, give as game prizes, or use as favor!

Rainbow Pencils by British designer Duncan Shotton are made from recycled paper and let you create beautiful paper rainbows every time you sharpen them.

Highlighter Pencils. NEED

Highlighter Pencils on Fancy! I usually use colored pencils instead of highlighters so they wont leak or bleed through the page. I just stumbled upon these neon highlighter pencils.

Travel journal

Sew Useful Designs: Journal cover Tutorial - long post! Create first journal for my missionary. Stitch the name of the mission.

Make your stationery extra fun with the new kikki.K Cute Collection featuring Notebooks, Planners, Accessories and more, all in bright, fruity prints.

A huge array of the most incredible and weird pencil cases you will ever see. If you're looking for a great new stationery case, this is for you - [theendearingdesig.

DIY Diamond Gift Topper- Add a simple trinket to a wrapped gift as an embellishment. Personalize it by making it something that relates to the gift recipient.