Test Tube Chandeliers Inspired By Marie Curie

The Maria SC Lamp. A test tube chandelier by Polish designer (and Etsy seller) Pani Jurek. Inspired by Marie Curie.

naname Machined Brass Jewelry by Nick Rennie

naname Machined Brass Jewelry by Nick Rennie

Shattered Glass Animals by Marta Klonowska

Using carefully broken shards of colored glass, Polish artist Marta Klonowska assembles translucent animals in life-like proportion and size. Almost all of her sculptures are based on animals found in baroque and romantic paintings by such artists

Birds Made from Recycled Metal Scraps by Barbara Franc

British artist Barbara Franc creates impressive animal sculptures out of wire and recycled metal scraps. Available at Union Gallery in Edinburgh.

How cute - a bit of vintage art tells the story!

Every boy needs a thinking spot. The kid in this picture is sooo cute! I love the gnome and the hanging stuff. Overall, the boys would love the idea of a "thinking spot" while throwing rocks at the actual room.

Pencil vs. Camera: The Surreal Works of Ben Heine

Belgian artist Ben Heine seamlessly matches pencil sketches with real life settings to create images he calls 'Pencil Vs Camera'.

Torn Up Magazines Become Classic Art

VIK MUNIZ Pictures of Magazine Green Monkey, after George Stubbs, 2011 digital c print 50 × 43 in × cm

Lamps Designed by Their Own Cords by nadlab

Lamps Designed by Their Own Cords by nadlab

These clever lamps use their own cords to form a lamp silhouette. Design your own table lamp, task or small night stand light with interchangeable cords.

Blow Away Vase Photo - One for Wellingtonians!

Blow Away Vase

The girls of Front digitised a Royal Delft vase and added some parameters to the material in the software. It was then exposed to a simulated gust of wind. This is really a typical Front project. The Blow Away vase is available from Moooi.

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Star Cushion Light pink, black by Ferm Living - Design furniture and decoration with Made in Design

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