i remember this!

Farewell letter from

candies -whistle pop- one of the coolest suckers. It sucked when you got one the whistle pop was broke :(

Holly Hobby ... a wonderful memory-I have about 5-6 of the dolls :) and book as well.

My daighter had a Holly Hobbie watch, Holly Hobbie Sheets and a Holly Hobby cloth doll! My mom loved Holly Hobbie

I had this one too at some time or another. Ker Plunk" was a late '67 release, but was selling (and playing) strong during most of the 70s

Ker Plunk Game Of Nerve And Skill (Games Vintage) at Silversnow Antiques and

1980s TV: The A-Team my sisters favorite programme back in the day

In pictures: 25 TV shows that defined the 1980s

TV: The A-Team is a firm favorite programme with the CFA team back in the day

1970s Matey Bubble Bath i loved the smell

Matey Bubble Bath Why did Matey have to change the old version of this bubble bath? Fab bottle and it used to make your bath water blue - bring it back!

Grange Hill

Grange Hill Mum hated this show. She reckoned our attitudes became obnoxious after an episode. We thought she was spouting rot. Retrospectively i see what she meant now i have a child that has attitude after watching some obnoxious kids show.

New Kids on the Block - Hangin' Tough (VHS, 1989) - I STILL have my copy!

Earth Alone (Earthrise Book 1

New Kids on the Block - Hangin' Tough (VHS, - I just bought this on DVD to replace my very worn out VHS

Bunty comic

: : nostalgia : : Bunty comic - the Four Marys and those wonderful cut out wardrobes each week on the back.

Plastic Glue Spreader

white plastic glue spreader, used to paste it on your hands

.My little Nana's Cutlery.

Australia / Vintage bone-handled cutlery, once found in every Aussie kitchen drawer.


Bod, and Aunty Flo. Again my brain's singing the theme tune.