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the cover of 35 medical herbs to grow in your own garden
35 Medicinal Herbs to Grow in Your Garden This Summer and How They Heal
a poster with an image of a bee and the caption says, it's your
i saw this on my feed and i HAD to post this. Bees are so important and it’s just sad that bees are going extinct. There is definitely websites out there that you can donate to if you’d like. #savethebees
several potted plants are arranged on a wooden shelf with words describing the names of each plant
PinkWhen - Easy Recipes for Everyone
DIY Pallet Herb Garden !! It is Simple, Organized, Ease of use, Ease for Documentation and low cost !! #iffygarden #garden #garden ideas
lavender flowers growing in pots with the words how to grow lavender from seed on them
Growing Lavender: Easy Tips For Garden, Container Gardening, Landscape- Bless My Weeds
Easy Tips for Growing Lavender. Pin now read next spring
three tiered planters with flowers in them and numbers on the bottom one side
13 Clever Flower Arrangement Tips & Tricks
#8. Create a masterpiece simply by stacking pots. -- 13 Clever Flower Arrangement Tips & Tricks
pink and white flowers growing on the side of a red brick wall next to a wooden bench
Wonderful summer - bag of Busy Lizzies. S x
the lavender fairy is holding a flower in her hand
lavender angel
Lavendar Fairy
a cat is curled up in the back of a truck with lavenders on it
Sleeping cat in lavender
A Cat Sleeping in a Wheel Barrow with Lavender. So Wonderfully French!!!