Westlife Win MTV's Battle Of The Boy Bands! - via http://bit.ly/epinner - See@http://buzzworthy.mtv.com/2012/05/07/westlife-wins-battle-of-the-boy-bands/ - WELL DONE 2 MA FAV IRISH LADS! - 1 Last Fab Accolade 2 Join the Masses of Past Awards/Records:TRULY RTHE BEST BAND EVER & NO OTHER BOYS WILL/CAN EVERBEAT THEM!!! - Lovely Little Parting Gift 2 Say Farewell with on a High Note - Especially in knowledge that Regardless of Havin PrettyMuch 0Success Across the Pond:Votes APlenty frm…

Westlife Win MTV's Battle Of The Boy Bands!

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It really is! Lol

It really is! Lol


Kings of ma heart


One And Only Westlife

Westlife torturing Kian ;)...too freaking funny poor Ki

too freaking funny poor Ki

#WeMissYouWestlife #WestlifeMemories

#WeMissYouWestlife #WestlifeMemories