leaves | Susanna Bauer

[caption align="alignnone" "Aura" magnolia leaf and cotton thread[/caption] UK based artist Susanna Bauer collects leaves and handstitches them with cotton thread.

Beautiful piece by Leslie Richmond, my Surface Design teacher. (1985 -87)

Lesley Richmond Leaf Cloth Series (detail) fabulous textile art tapestry feeling of the leaves floating on a lake of an impressionist,monet painting

lisa kokin

California based artist Lisa Kokin- this would be a cool way to have a family tree hung up on a wall in your living room!

DIY: needle lace skeleton leaves

Needle Lace Skeleton Leaves

Make Lacy Skeleton Leaves - they look similar to paper skeletal leaves but are much more durable because they are made with embroidery floss!

Lisa Kokin | Buckaroo (detail) | incorporates text from Lost River Buckaroos, a cowboy novel from the 1930s

Lisa Kokin Buckaroo (detail) thread, book pages from Silent Spring, wire, 20 x 32 x 7 inches, 2011

Lisa Kokin

Love Always, Juanita Mixed media book collage, x x 1 inches, 2008 Lisa Kokin

Lisa Kokin

Lisa Kokin, Lost River Thread, book pages from Lost River Buckaroos, wire

Ninety-Nine-Leaves #2 Lisa Kokin

The thread art of Lisa Kokin deals with themes of environmental degradation and death using hauntingly evocative, lacy forms.


Embroidered Leaf Art By Hillary Fayle

Susanna Bauer

Susanna Bauer Leaves - Altering nature to create delicate pieces of art is what the Susanna Bauer Leaves series does. The artist Susanna Bauer takes dead leaves and tra.