Dominik Piasecki

Dominik Piasecki

Si tibi narraremus, te interficere deberemus.
Dominik Piasecki
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Drawings by artist illustrator Gabriel Iumazark

Sao Paulo based illustrator Gabriel Lumazark’s distinct, sketchy style is a wonderful game played on the eyes.

Australian Aboriginal Bark Painting

Bark painting, an Australian aboriginal art form, involves painting on the interior of a strip of tree bark. Traditionally, bark paintings were produced for instruction and ceremonial purposes and were transient objects

Glitch Art, Trippy, Surrealism, Aesthetics, Internet

koyamori. found on catchoo cutie pie blog — catchoo & company

Child and uribo on fungal plateau new print for AN~ Tools: watercolour, watercolour paper, white gouache Thanks for looking!