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Captain America : The Winter Soldier

Captain America, Black Widow, and Bucky <<<< I love how this comment has all their "codenames" but for the Winter Soldier, they said Bucky. Ima go cry.

That guy has the fear of God in his eyes...

That guy has the fear of God in his eyes.< No, no, that's definitely fear of Black Widow there.<< plot twist, black widow is god

Chris Evans ♥

Idc what anyone says, but Chris Evans is a great looking dude. Like man I wish I looked that good. Not taking any credit away from my own looks, but compared to Evans.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The Winter Soldier 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Tribute Poster.Digitally painted in Photoshop.Buy the Art Print

Sexy Murder Strut

Loki, Demon Dean, Bucky and Moriarty all do it: sexy murder strut >>> walk walk murder baby