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The Complete Reference Guide to Spiralizing Vegetables

Vegetable Spiralizer The Complete Reference Guide to Spiralizing Vegetables Zucchini Noodles with Lemon Cream Sauce -- healthy, protein-packed and vegan!

Want to get ready for swimsuit season? Dr Oz has an Orange Zest Smoothie recipe as part of a shrink drink diet program to help you lose 2 pounds overnight.

1 cup fat-free plain Greek yogurt Zest of one whole orange 1 whole seedless orange, quartered (including the flesh, sections and pith) banana sliced 1 Italian plum, pitted (or regular plum) Juice of whole lemon 3 large Swiss chard leaves, deribbed

"How To Contour: Here's the thing, learning how to contour is not hard at all, I promise. It's all about finding the products that work best for you!"

How To Contour - Hairspray and High heels. I have the FIT foundation stick, and it is amazing! (Another good thing,all these products are drugstore)