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Wasn't naruto originally from the ramen. <<ya there's many meaning for naruto and he's named after the pink squishy swirly thing usually eaten as topping on the ramen


Itachi is my fav Akatsuki member. Actually he's my fav male character. Also, I don't count Sasuke and his group as actual Akatsuki members.

Howard Hurd on Twitter: "@BBCSouthWeather @metoffice lovely vivid rainbow over #langstoneharbour from #portsmouth this afternoon"

“ lovely vivid rainbow over from this afternoon”

Actually that is so true. Sometimes I have really good comebacks but I feel like they might be mean and then that person will tell everybody.


Dwarf Hotot rabbits are one of the less common breeds. The Dwarf Hotot's original home is Germany. It was developed independently in both East and West Germany in the late seventies and later crossed.