Photography Sketchbook Ideas – 16 Inspirational Examples

Photography Sketchbook Ideas – 16 Inspirational Examples

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and generally the most under appreciated. Aside for cosmetic reasons, people don’t really take care of their skin. The health benefits to maintaining a healthy epidermis can help increase your overall health.

Art Sketchbook idea

Art Sketchbook - artist study focusing on monochrome painting techniques with ink drawings of butterflies & flowers // student sketch book - merge text with background - watercolour wash

excuse the boobs but this is awesome!!!!!!

Awesome Body Paint Art - You are viewing Photo titled Awesome Body Paint Art from the Category Amazing Pictures Tags: Designs & Artistic Illusions

This image was created by body paint artist Joanne Gair. It’s the cover to her book, Lebenskunst Leicht Gemacht.

Beach body paint, Couldn't decide if this should be filed under funny or art.

Eye art. Unbelievable.

Colored Pencil Eye (As a teenager I did coloured pencil, high realism animals exclusively. I should rty coloured pencil again!

Patty Van Dorin sketchbook.

today's sketchbook

drawing eyes in the daily journal sketchbook a little drawing, a bit of stamping, and a journal entry