Opal Fruits NOT Starburst

Opal Fruits Made To Make Your Mouth Water! Why did they feel the need to change the name to Starburst, sounds like a cleaning product! I still call them Opal Fruits.

upstairs on a Routemaster

Had to sit upstairs on the double decker with all the smokers back in the day. Because riding the bus upstairs was cool.

Always thought the conductors and their ticket machine were thrilling! Until the early 1980s, conductors, were a common feature of many local bus services. Two-person crews were needed because until the 1960s, all double deck vehicles were built with front-mounted engines & a "half-cab" design. This layout totally separated the driver from the passenger saloons. The conductor communicated with the driver using a series of bell codes, such as two bells to start (the well-known "ding-ding").

My money journey – from gran’s shrewd savings to selling The Big Issue

Old Routemaster bus with Bus Conductor. If anyone misbehaved he'd throw them off lol.

Ever Ready batteries - the days before Duracell. Needed these for all sorts of toys...

Ever Ready batteries - the days before Duracell. My granddad worked for Ever Ready.

Routemaster stairs - only way to ride the bus sitting upstairs!

Stairs on a vintage English double-decker bus. Always rushed upstairs to sit at the front.

Woolworth. My 1st "lunch out" as a girl was at a Woolworth's counter. I had a ham & cheese sandwich (of course) on white bread.

The history of Woolworths

Woolworth dropped the F. from its fascia design in the I really miss good old woolies