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iPhone vs samsung launch

iPhone vs samsung launch

Two imperfect people

This simple thought in its simple way has encapsulated what we otherwise try and complicate- relationships

Apple releases ios 7.0.6 and ios 6.1.6

Apple releases iOS and to patch an SSL problem. If you have the new iOS there's another update. If you have an older iOS device with iOS you also have another update, and this one is how you will make iOS more secure against outside snoopers like the NSA.

Apple retains ‘most admired’ company title for the 7th straight time via

Apple retains 'most admired' company title for the straight time - Tech Forever

Forgotten Tech

Oh, mixed tapes. and when flip phones were the newest innovation . and my pager when I got the number Turned it upside down and it said hello! Lol I was 17 what did I need a pager for? It's was like I was a drug dealer lol

Facebook buys India ‘little eye lab’ and is moving them to California

Social media is everywhere and it can truly be helpful if used correctly. One good area is to share ideas, sources, databases, photos and questions with others

Youtube to demo 4k streaming at ces 2014

Youtube to demo 4k streaming at ces 2014

First look at the PS4

UK bookmaker Paddy Power has backed Sony's PlayStation 4 system to win the console battle this Christmas, with the Xbox One looking to land in second place.

£30 tablet goes on sale in the UK

Dubbed the "world's cheapest tablet", the Aakash 2 has proved very popular in India. Now the UK based company has launched a tablet in the UK.

Apple’s 12 Days of Gifts App Offers New Freebies Every Day

It's that time of year again where Apple plays Santa Claus! They've just launched the annual 12 Days of Gifts app, which offers all sorts of freebies like new songs, apps, books or movies every day from December 26 all the way to January