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These are the ball-jointed dragons made by CuartosDolls in Russia (at least I think it's Russia). They can be posed in almost any position thanks to every body segment having its own ball joint. Want one? Well you're in luck, because the maker is selling them, with white dragons going for €165 (~$220), and every other color including metallics for €240 (~$320).

Yes, no board for random things I'd love to have, yet it would help me feel more creative by having a little pet dragon ;) -Dragon made entirely of ball joints allows you to pose it & hold in your hand.

White Antler Dragon by creaturesfromel on Etsy

White Antler Dragon by Ellen Jewett, Canada, on Etsy I've never thought of dragons having antlers but I like this.

{white dragon sculpture} by Ellen Jewett - beautifully intricate work!

wryer: “ Ellen June is an artist from Canada who uses air-drying clay, wire, glaze and acrylic paint to create these amazingly beautiful sculptures of fantasy animals. Each sculpture is handmade and.

Orchid Dendrobium Smilliae (via Sociedad Argentina de Horticultura)

Orchid Dendrobium Smilliae - via Sociedad Argentina de Horticultura - Clusters of green and pink flowers. Also known as "The Bottlebrush Orchid". Native to Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Orchid: Dendrobium pierardii - Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Dendrobium pierardii, has now had a name change and is known as Dendrobium cucullatum. This is the orchid that I went chasing into Burma to find in its natural habitat. Best examples I found were growing at the Rangoon markets, in old jam tins!