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a room with blue wallpaper and wooden flooring, two stained glass windows on either side of the door
Graham & Brown New Eden Porcelain Wallpaper | Blue Trees Wallpaper | We are carbon neutral
Lewis & Wood - Jasper Peony French Country Interiors, Chinoiserie Pattern, Wallpapers Ipad, Peony Wallpaper, Elegant Centerpieces, Chinoiserie Wallpaper
Lewis & Wood - Jasper Peony
Designed by decorative artist Adam Calkin, this graphic Chinoiserie pattern is one of Lewis & Wood's original wide width wallpapers.
a white table with flowers on it in front of a wallpapered wall and floor
Adam's Eden Fresco
This design was our very first Wide Width Wallpaper and still on of our most popular, so we decided to give it the Fresco treatment, plus a new texture too. Designed by decorative artist Adam Calkin, this is one of our signature designs. On a visit to Adam's house many years ago, Stephen Lewis saw the design painted on a wall. He was so struck by it, he resolved there and then to find a way of printing wide wallpaper just to do it justice. It was a natural progression to print the design on ...
a living room filled with furniture and paintings on the wall
7 Paint Colors That Will Brighten Up Dark Rooms in Your Home, According to Interior Designers
the stairs in this house are painted yellow
Five Happy Colors to Boost Your Mood
an empty hallway with carpet and rugs on the floor in front of two doors
India Yellow No.66 | Handcrafted Paint