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Marching band

No hate, but this is honestly the truest thing I have ever read about marching band and football. Missing marching band, band in general

Better work marching band

OSU Marching Band's Superman, Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter And Jurassic Park Themed Halftime Show. Awesome, I love Harry Potter, and Jurassic Park!

Marching Band 'Problems'... follow the link, they're all funny.

Yeah cause the nonband cool kids always try to fit in with the band nerds NOT. Except we adopted Standage ;

Marching Band is a Sport. The most team-based synchronization you can find.

Sorry, had to post this b/c marching band/color guard is most definitely a sport. We work just as hard or harder than most sports and get zero recognition.


How acurate! Especially the flute, I mean literally do you know how hard those damn notes are? and no one hears us <<<*Evil clarinet laugh*