Pirate Treasure Island from Jo Jo's Tuff Tray Ideas #smallworldplay #tufftray

Pirate small world ideas. Could link it to role play are, Literacy; Creative/Mark making; make a treasure map, telescope. The possibilities are endless.

Tuff spot tray rock pool

Tuff spo/t tray rock pool.

never thought of incorporating the tyre onto the small world tray!!

Dinosaur small world play

.So easy, so fun, so many possibilities for discovery and learning

Arctic Ice Small World Play - luv this!

Small world bugs in soil with leaves. Cross curricular link: Understanding the World and Maths. Children count the bugs, recording tally and numeral.

using tally marks

Pedagogisk inspiration. Kreativitet i förskolan. Kreativa barn. Nytänkande. Tips och idéer till förskolan. Material och lärmiljöer i förskolan.

Going to cover my train table with felt--turn it in to a large 'Fairy Playscape" for the kids

How to make homemade small world volcanoes from Still Playing School

Dinosaur Small World with Homemade Volcanoes

Still Playing School: Dinosaur Small World with Homemade Volcanoes Egg Carton Crafts & Activities, Egg Carton Crafts

Bug Play Dough Invitation:

Bug Play Dough Invitation

Bug play dough invitation to play.

Pirate Small world

Pirate Small world - could use blue jelly and sand

Small World Play - pirate theme. DS1 loved this one!

Small World Play - pirate theme. Colored rice for water.

Why not try this simple but effective top EYFS activity that incorporates sensory play as well as small world play. It is for all ages of children

Tuff spots are a great way to involve children of all ages in fun and messy activities, here are 10 great ways to use your Tuff spot.

Use all kinds of plastic trays to make ice blocks for ice castles etc.!

Icy Arctic Small World Play

Use cracker trays etc to make interesting ice shapes for small world play!

Small world pirate play in my EYFS classroom.

Inspired by our novel study book "Ten little pirates" we have a small world tray set up. The children are enjoying playing in there this week.

Popsicle Stick Fencing for Small World Play

Popsicle Stick Fencing for Small World Play

Playdough farm with fence: Popsicle Stick Fencing for Small World Play

Cork toadstools for use in small world play.... Super cute for Lil!

easy to decorate, cork toadstools for imaginative play spaces.

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10+ Ideas for Pirate Sensory Play, Me Hearties!

Ideas for Pirate Sensory Play, Me Hearties!