pink peonies...

Beautiful peonies are Miranda Kerr's favourite flower and a source of inspiration for her new ollection

emily ☼ ☾'s collection!

These pink flowers make us excited for Summer! For maternity inspiration head here > Flowers

Climbing roses | 1001 Gardens. Want!!! Think I will get 2 great pots and some trellises and get ready for spring!!

Climbing Roses

How romantic, this entryway is surrounded with sweet smelling pink and white roses. I'm not good with growing roses but I'd like to try these climbing varieties.

Favourite season is Spring, as it is warm and full with pretty blooming colourful flowers.

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I love Spring blossoms! This is MAGNOLIA. I have two magnolia trees in my garden.

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Beautiful pink tulips with a rich carpet of green leaves and little delicate pink flowers. This makes one perfect spring picture.

Fun alternative for planting and arranging spring flowers!

Fun alternative for planting and arranging spring flowers! -- Going to recycle out my old ripped rain boots into these!


Peonies are a favorite. Fluffy pink blooms in Spring. Love these! handmade kniting jewelry, bag decor and boho flowers

We love gardening with antiques! There are so many innovative and fun ways to bring the fabulous worlds of gardening and antiques together.