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9 Chore Charts for Your Kids

From DIY creations to online finds, these old-fashioned chore charts are a guaranteed way to get stuff done around the house...

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Look to the past for your wedding dress inspiration

Look to the past for your wedding dress inspiration with era and vintage inspired dressed from Nataya by Wardrobe online vintage store

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Bob's Small Town Grille For All Your Celebrations! Hams, Potato Salad, Celebrations, Ethnic Recipes, Food, Eten, Ham, Meals, Diet

July 20th ~ My Belly's Doing Flip-flops!

Yes, one would think this was the best part of my day! But wait there is more. Today was my birthday and my niece and nephew who have been hanging out with me this week treated me to my favorite local restaurant, Bob's Small Town Grille in Royston, GA.I arrived home from work to a beautiful handmade card and a glass of wine and the news of where they were taking me. Those kids are good! When we arrived at BSTG we were greeted by the best waitress ever, I have no idea why I didn't ask her…

June Comfort in the Rain Rainy Sunday, Hams, Risotto, Ethnic Recipes, Food, Eten, Ham, Meals, Diet

June 10th, Comfort in the Rain

It is a rainy day in Georgia, and a Sunday to boot. Otherwise known as, a homebodies perfect day. There is nothing more to want then comfort food and a nice wine. It is a day to pull out the old records or watch travel and cooking shows on PBS or to read something other then my How to Open & Operate a Financially Successful Personal Chef Business book; something like Far From the Land or Rewards and Fairies or People Magazine. There isa flurry of activities that are going on everywhere; my…

October ~ Looked Him Straight in the Eye and Lied Hams, October 15, Kitchen, Life, Cooking, Ham, Kitchens, Cuisine, Cucina

October 15th ~ Looked Him Straight in the Eye and Lied

Do you remember that crush from high school that you just adored. You thought about them everyday and you dressed with them in mind every morning. You thought they were the cutest and coolest and that they were looking at you just now when you were walking down the hall.You played a different kind of Four Square with your fold out paper game determining how many kids you would have; what your house together would look like and where you would honeymoon. You stood in giddy suspense as they…

Cooking on Purpose Hams, Purpose, Cooking, Kitchen, Ham, Cuisine

October 6th, 2012 ~ Cooking with Purpose

Some of my favorite memories of my Dad are when we would be driving in the car together and have our own father daughter chat time. I had a catering job this week that, for me, was big. And I so desperately wanted to take a ride with him and have him tell me how I was going to pull it off and that everyone was going to love my food. I wanted to tell him my recipes and ask him if I should add more sweetened condensed milk to the banana pudding or does he think my beans will have enough spice…

Weak in the Knees Weak In The Knees, Hams, Food, Eten, Ham, Meals, Diet

September 23rd ~ Weak in the Knees

Today I met for the first time with a personal trainer. I have resigned to the fact that this belly fat isn't going to be willed away; and my slow and steady, probably won't enter a race, run/walk approach isn't working. Because I was feeling particularly overwhelmed with my belly rolls and my new venture into meeting new people, dating even; I panicked and hired Georgia's, not one - but THREE time, Strongest Man. I ate a banana for breakfast but nothing else. Our session was at 2. I was…

Overdue in September ~ Trader Joe's to the Rescue!

Overdue in September ~ Trader Joe's to the Rescue!

I recently made a trip to Trader Joe's. Believe it or not I have actually only shopped at one a couple of times. Once was a rush in for flowers for my nieces' dance recital in Marietta and another was rushing in to get pita chips and cheese for a last minute party invite I scored. But this day, I meandered, absorbed and participated in the joy of a Trader Joe's. And here is the damage... ...what to make first?? Well the figs are 'thyme' sensitive, so lets start there.I find the black figs…

Ah Rhubarb! Hams, Bacon, Breakfast, Food, Morning Coffee, Eten, Ham, Meals, Morning Breakfast

September 8th ~ Rhubarb Rules

I have recently made a conscious effort to get out and meet new people. So far it has paid off. It turns out there are actually some pretty lovely people out there. With meeting new people you have to reveal some things about yourself. You know, where you were born, where you grew up, where were you when the world stopped turning, etc. These pretty lovely people want to know where you went to school, what you studied in school; they want to know where you like to eat and what you like to…

Pied Beauty September 2, Hams, Fruit, Beauty, Food, Eten, Ham, Beauty Illustration, Meals

September 2 ~ Pick Me, Pick Me!

Someone recently posted a picture of me from my high school years on Facebook. And I was reminded of the oddities about myself. What makes me different and unusual. How those oddities make up the person I am. Part of the history of me. When I was a baby I had peach fuzz that eventually grew into a vibrant auburn head of hair. It stood out in every room, every landscape; like a Dr Pepper in a field of lemonade. To top it off I was speckled, like trout or hens. Freckles are a tough sell; it…

August ~ Bacon Jam, 'Nuff Said! Bacon Jam, August 26, Hams, Kitchen, Life, Cooking, Ham, Kitchens, Cuisine

August 26th ~ Bacon Jam, 'Nuff Said!

There are few things in life you can count on to be true. Especially in an election year! But there is no denying that everything is better with Bacon. Or Bacon makes everything better which ever way you want to go, it is the Gospel Truth! And to prove it, I have made Bacon Jam! OK, not that kind of Jam... THIS kind of Jam!!! Where has this been all my life, indeed! So I cook the 1 lb of bacon down, remove it from pan and set aside saving all meltdown for the rest of the goodies. I chopped…

August 22 ~ In Hindsight. Hindsight, August 22, Hams, Country Roads, Life, Ham

August 22 ~ In Hindsight...

So, I see where Bob's Small Town Grille is hiring a line cook, again. I didn't apply this time. He is getting specific, 'experienced' line cook; aka, Hey Red, Please Don't Apply, Again. (or "Ever Again" is how it makes me feel). Though I am confident, this 'restaurant' has no idea who I am. Ya know, that is OK. What was I thinking anyway? A little under a year ago, I had this idea to change my life. I drove 10,000 miles shedding everything that was familiar; preparing myself for this new…

Pork Chops on a Stick with Grilled Corn sporting Green Onion Butter Greek Recipes, Italian Recipes, Mexican Food Recipes, Chinese Recipes, Thai Recipes, Baking Recipes, Australian Food, Australian Recipes, Healthy Dessert Recipes
Greek RecipesMexican Food RecipesBaking RecipesAustralian Recipes

August 19th ~ Pork Chops on a Stick

Years ago I was at the Kentucky State Fair in Louisville covering the World's Grand Championship Horse Show for an industry publication. The show is held in the storied Freedom Hall. The Fairgrounds are huge but because I was working I only got to see the parts that had to do with the Horse Show. It is a spectacular show by the way, if you are a horse enthusiast, or Shorts person in general. The only other thing I got to partake in at the show was the famous Pork Chop sandwich! I have never…

The Fullness of Empty

August 8th ~ The Fullness of Empty

If you have followed my blogs for a while, then you know of the Little Grey House. If you have not, the Little Grey House is where I live and where Bortle family memories have been made for over 20 years. Our parents moved to this house once my siblings and I were all grown. It was meant to move my parents closer to my father's Dialysis treatment center when he was living and struggling. It became a place that has defined me. But that is for the memoir, not the blog. Lately, a cluster of…

Clayton Crawl Hams, Pint Glass, Beer, Tableware, Root Beer, Ale, Dinnerware, Tablewares, Ham

~ Crawling Along

I am a little behind on getting out this 'review' of last weekends events. I had to go from the Clayton Crawl straight to a week long training and have just returned home. But I do want to share a few things with you from last weekend. Last weekend I drove to Rabun County to hangout out at the Clayton Crawl. Myself and a couple of girlfriends hooked up and headed out to this annual, yet young, event. Basically what happens is this mountain town, where I dragged town and sipped Boones Farm on…