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The cut of the words tells me a message of separation, yet the words (Graphic Dialogue) tell another story of bringing it all together. The cut text is really cool looking and gives a clear message. Well made poster and good use of space.

Flat Vector Infographic Elements

Designing graphics around charts and numbers can be a daunting task for the creative brain. This huge set of vector infographics makes it easy and quick. This vector set features a flat style in 5 .


Infographic: TSA – Grope & Pillage Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Travel category. Check out Infographic: TSA – Grope & Pillage now!

A world in miniature |

A world in miniature. Infographic that simplifies the Earth's population to 100 people, making it easier to understand the stats presented. It's handmade, too!