Fine motor

Collection by Sharon Jackson

Draw around the obstacles

DES VAGUES DES VAGUES - Le tour de ma classe

Voir l'article DES PONTS DES PONTS pour le déroulement . c'est le même pour les vagues. Je ne mettrai donc ici que des photos . ...

Invitation to Play – Poking & Balancing... from Meri Cherry (",)

Invitation to Play – Poking and Balancing

It feels good to put some of that excess styrofoam from toys and packages to good use. This invitation to play is simple and effective. Great for fine motor, color sorting, balancing, vocabulary …

Fine motor balancing & threading from Rachel (",)

Fine Motor Balancing and Threading - Stimulating Learning

Early Years activities from Rachel (",)

Clip the prickles on the Gruffalo

Pinterest Challenge Day 5 -clip on prickles - Bamm Boo

I’ve been collecting ideas for developing fine motor skills in young children and thought paper clips would be a good idea because E.’s not done it before and it’s a no cost activity. I realised that it was unlikely he’d … Continue reading →

Great for Dencer/ Jackson too

Sewing Table-A Collaborative Fine Motor Experience

Sewing is a great activity to do with young children to develop their fine motor abilities. I have a low table in the classroom with about a three inch lip all around it. I stapled and then duct taped a large piece of burlap to cover the entire table leaving a large community sewing surface. I then threaded and tied a needle full of colorful yarn to each corner. The children then began exploring it and sewing in various directions. When they used up their entire piece of yarn, we threaded…