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Ayo shorty won't u go get a bag of the lethal I'll be undressed in a bra all see thru while u count ur jewels thinking imma cheat u the only 1 thing I wanna do is freak u keep ur stone sets I got my own baguettes and I'll b doin things that u won't regret lil Kim the queen B so u best take heed shall I proceed yes ndeed I'll bein throwing shade if I can't get paid blow u up to ur girl like an army grenade... I could go on & on crush on u is my favorite song lol

“Chinchilla Bitch and Her Rap Games Sick, . Its Kimmy Blanco Get To Know The Name wha wha”

sunglasses pink fur cam'ron 2000s cute 90s style faux fur

There are 3 tips to buy this coat: pink fur fluffy pink love headband pink faux headband fur hat furry bra bra blouse hot pink fur sunglasses cam'ron cute style faux fur top style.