Black and white bowls by Priscilla Mouritzen (woodfirer, via Flickr)

Black and white bowls by Priscilla Mouritzen (woodfirer) I think I'll use this with the pinch pot project in the fall. I think I have a bunch of black engobe. The kids need to pay more attention to surface right from the start.

glass pot

This glass pot is just like the ones in commercials when we were kids - the ones that you could never buy! Now, you can watch what really goes on inside your "Glass Pot," a creation of Massimo Castagna. Look for it at the MoMA Store.

dansk kokken

All the rage from the through the this Dansk “Kobenstyle” Cookware is back on the market-I have all Dansk dishes and flatware-love this!

Kirsten Holm

Kintsugi repair : In Japan a broken pot is traditionally honoured by emphasising the repair with gold. The belief is that when something has suffered damage and has a history that it becomes more beautiful.

David Sengel |

*Wood Sculpture - "Forbidden Fruit" by David Sengel (Redwood Burl and Locust Thorns)

Sculptural Canisters - coming June 12th to west elm

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