Translation of Medical texts

New UCSF med school curriculum emphasizes teamwork, quality improvement, IT

Arabic alphabets - The symbol Sukuun, long vowel Yaa and letter Daal

Medical translation

Medicare Premiums Increase for Millions Despite Lack of Social Security Increase in 2016

Arabic alphabets - The letters Baa, Taa and Thaa

Arabic alphabets - The letter Alif


Arabic alphabets - The letter Alif

Holy Quran

Ramadan Rejuvenation Plan - Ramadan is the perfect time to rejuvenate and revitalise. These tips will help you to repel, restore and regain balance!

Technical translation from Arabic to English

Organizing IT work flows with an assembly-line model can lead to dispirited, demotivated and bored workers and dysfunctional teams.

Arabic alphabets - The letters Jiim, Haa and Khaa

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