Red Dwarf

Norman Lovett and Chris Barrie (Holly 1 and Rimmer from Red Dwarf)

Love Red Dwarf

Arnold Judas Rimmer Bsc Ssc(Bronze swimming certificate and Silver swimming certificate). Lister's bunkmate and the person chosen by Holly to be the one available hologram.

Red Dwarf

If you ever get to see Red Dwarf, watch for an episode called Backwards World! We laughed so hard! Be warned, It is very off-color.

Red Dwarf

Netflix Bringer of Red Dwarf and many other great programs, just make sure you've got a decent broadband connection

New Red Dwarf

First photo: New Red Dwarf

Smegheads of the world unite for the new comedy scifi TV series that is. Red Dwarf X.

Red Dwarf

Possibly the best Red Dwarf series ever made? It is so hard to judge - nevertheless, it is great to have it finally on DVD.

Red Dwarf X – UK Air Date Revealed

Red Dwarf X - UK Air Date Revealed

Doug Naylor: "Three words to describe Red Dwarf X? I'll give you four: Back.

Red Dwarf, Cat!

The evolved Cat from "Red Dwarf," a British comedy scifi TV series that first aired in 1988 and has a couple of additional runs since, as recently as

Red Dwarf

Sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf - which returns to UK screens in October - gets a poster, air-date and episode titles.

Red Dwarf

Rimmer and the Sexual Magnetism Virus. Wallpaper and background photos of Sexual Magnetism for fans of Red Dwarf images.