Do you love a glass of fizz? Try these strawberry and vanilla cupcakes with prosecco frosting!

Strawberry and Vanilla Cupcakes with Prosecco Frosting

Cut a hole in a cup cake and add the (de-stalked & top off) strawberry - then ice. For pentecost I wonder if you could put them in from the bottom and they could be flames?

In her series What a Racket, South African embroidery artist and designer Danielle Clough crafts the most incredible threaded artworks onto old badminton and tennis rackets//

bobbycaputo: Flowers Embroidered on the Strings of Vintage Rackets and Other Thread Artworks by Danielle Clough

Wimbledon! Please let me win Wimbledon tickets this year

Roger Federer had the most online mentions of players during the 2015 Wimbledon Championships tennis tournament, while Evian drew the most sponsor buzz, according to social intelligence platform Synthesio.

Leprechaun - Alan Dart

Leprechaun - Alan Dart - knitted but pinned for inspiration to crochet one.

In Pursuit of Greatness

Two people are involved in every single match and one could not achieve greatness without the other one. Considering greatness as Wimbledon itself the two tennis balls make the W letter.

Wow, great freebie: thanks so for knit pattern. Yay xox

Wow, great freebie: thanks so for knit pattern. Yay xox Uploaded by L *freebie* Bailey

6 Ways to Craft Your Own Wimbledon

“The tennis girl scratching her bum. That’s good enough for me." Lee asks Rod what he calls great art.

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