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Brian Johnson talks to the producers of Thunderbirds 1965

Resurrecting Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's Classic 'Thunderbirds' using original voice tracks and retro filmmaking techniques

Scott Tracy - Thunderbirds 1965

We're really excited to see the first Thunderbirds 1965 Publicity Shots - released today! Amazing recreations of the Classic Thunderbirds characters.

1968 - 'Virgil Tracy' (on left) and 'Brains' pictured in a scene from the television series 'Thunderbirds' first broadcast in

Thunderbirds (Are GO!)

Brave woman abused as a child by Rotherham sex gang ringleader wants royal pardon for those who got criminal records while being abused

Thunderbirds Are Go (again!) Radio Times goes behind the scenes of three new episodes

5-4-3-2-1... Classic Thunderbirds Are Go again!

#shanerimmer releases new novel! #andersonentertainment

Shane Rimmer (born May is a Canadian actor, voice actor and writer.

shooting the roadbuilding machine at work-"Atlantic Inferno"

shooting the roadbuilding machine at work-"Atlantic Inferno"