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a large white cake with people standing in front of it
OOH! I could do NARNIA themed gingerbread! Something like this for Jadis' castle, or do one of Cair Paravel, or Aslan's How.... the possibilities are endless!
a three tiered wedding cake with pink flowers on the top and gold trimmings
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a large white wedding cake sitting on top of a table
7 & 8 tiers Wedding Cake by LeNovelle Cake |
a cake that is sitting on top of a pink tablecloth with flowers and a castle in the background
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a three tiered wedding cake with pink and gold flowers on the top, sitting on a table
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three tiered wedding cakes with white and pink frosting on gold stand in front of a marble wall
Au Naturel
a pink and gold wedding cake with flowers on it's tiers, sitting on top of a white plate
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