Floral Art from Shipley College

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a pair of high heeled shoes decorated with plants
Shipley College
Floral art shoes. Shipley College Floristry at Harrogate Flower Show.
an arrangement of flowers and greenery on display
Shipley College
Shipley College Floristry Harrogate Flower Show entry
a woman holding up a piece of green art
Shipley College
Floral art handbag, Harrogae Flower Show floral art by Shipley College Floristry students.
pair of green striped slippers with flowers and leaves on white flooring, viewed from above
Shipley College
Floral art, shoes, Harrogate Flower Show, Floristry part-time course
a woman is looking through some flowers
Shipley College
Floral art creations from Shipley College for Harrogate Spring Flower Show
a white mannequin head with pink flowers and green leaves on top of it
Shipley College
Floral art - Floristry creations from Shipley College. Floral headpiece
a woman is working on a dress made out of flowers and leaves in front of a white wall
Shipley College
Harrogate Flower Show display by Shipley College, floristry, floral art