Jack Rabbit - Original Rabbit Giclee PRINT - By Corina St. Martin

Jack Rabbit Original Rabbit Giclee PRINT By by CorinaStMartinArt,color theory example

this reminds me of the old rabbit we used to have, trix. he was cute and funny, energetic and cheery and friendly. i'd like to have a garden bunny or house rabbit, if it wasn't too much trouble. also just seeing wild rabbits can be uplifting.


A brown hare (Lepus europaeus) pricks up its ears in a field in Hegyeshalom, west of Budapest, Hungary (Does he know that it is Easter?) Einstein, the world's smallest horse,

Etching:  Louise Scott

Hare Love by Louise Scott Young Hares by Louise Scott Hare by Louise Scott Most of us are very familiar with the cel.