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When Christmas is approaching, I always like to combine the three gifts of the Magi into one lotion bar. The result smells woodsy and amazing and leaves a faint gold shimmer on the skin. It is perfect for winter and so much fun to make!

These Gold Frankincense and Myrrh Lotion Bars combine shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax with gold mica powder and essential oils.

Make the most of the local wildflowers by creatively using honeysuckle for food and medicine in your kitchen and home apothecary.

Healing herbs or more commonly known as medicinal herbs are said to be effective when it comes to healing certain allergies as well as renewing and increasing vitality in the body. Medicinal herbs have been in use for centuries and are recognized as.

The Medicine Of Our Ancestors - Living Awareness Institute

Do you know any of the herbal remedies that were used by your mother, grandmother, great grandparents and aunties? Can you remember an ‘Old Wives Tale’ or a silly remedy that your mom always made you take when you started to get a cough?