Shirley Rosindale

Shirley Rosindale

Shirley Rosindale
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Amy Sherman-Palladino and Luke Danes

Scott Patterson Poses at Luke’s Diner with ‘Gilmore Girls’ Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino

Rory, Emily, and Finn

Rory and Emily, Together Again: Latest Gilmore Girls Set Pic Reunites Alexis Bledel and Kelly Bishop Alexis Bledel, Kelly Bishop, Tanc Sade, Gilmore Girls reunion

Jess Also Has a Script

Milo Ventimiglia Confirmed to Return to Gilmore Girls – Gilmore News – Gilmore Girls Community

The Huntzbergers

Matt Czuchry, Daniel Palladino and Gregg Henry on set of Gilmore Girls: Seasons

Hep Alien, Also Together Again

Selfie Time from Behind the Scenes of Netflix's Gilmore Girls Revival John Cabrera reunited with his Gilmore Girls band and posted some serious selfies.

Life and Death Brigade, Together Again

Alan Loayza (Colin McCrae), Tanc Sade (Finn), Matt Czuchry (Logan Huntzberger), and Nick Holmes (Robert Grimaldi)

Finn, Rory, and Logan

And most recently, Tanc shared this selfie with Alexis Bledel and Matt Czuchry aka RORY AND LOGAN!

100% rayon with satin inlays

This dress gushes class and charm. Starting with the diamond-neckline with superb embroidery flowing down to the first of two satin-inlays (both with Gothic Vine embroidery).