So typically sarah haha

Sarah Millican

I bloody love Sarah Millican. She's smart, funny and deals with all the shit she gets with such grace!

I absolutely love this guy. Mr adhd man

Billy Connolly: Actor, Comedian, Musician and all round nutcase. My favourite comedian of all time. Once did a stint about parenting newborns and I almost peed myself it was so funny and so true!

On cursing, via Billy Connolly

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More hyper than Billy Connoly!!!

I know he's too old to play a teenager, but Lee Evans would be perfect for the role of Simon Foster, another of Alex's friend

Here we go again: Comedian John Bishop set off on the first of three marathons he's set to run as part of his gruelling Sport Relief charity triathlon

One down, two to go! Comedian John Bishop completes first of three marathons as he continues mammoth charity triathlon

He only finished his gruelling cross-Channel row last night, but today comedian John Bishop stuck to his triathlon schedule and managed to complete the first of three consecutive marathons.

Proud scouser!

Proud scouser!