So typically sarah haha

Sarah Millican

Funny pictures about Smart woman is smart. Oh, and cool pics about Smart woman is smart. Also, Smart woman is smart photos.

I absolutely love this guy. Mr adhd man

Billy Connolly: Actor, Comedian, Musician and all round nutcase. My favourite comedian of all time. Once did a stint about parenting newborns and I almost peed myself it was so funny and so true!

On cursing, via Billy Connolly

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Billy Connolly

funny road signs Now that's funny you don't want to spend too much time thinking about it no? It's funny because it's true.

billy connolly - love this man

Billy Connolly: My family values -- The actor and comedian talks about coming to terms with his children growing up and the joy of being a grandparent

More hyper than Billy Connoly!!!

The funniest person in the world. And I should know bcos nothing makes me laugh.

Aww bless the dog

John Bishop on

“Tell me that at least one of them isn't lovely !

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