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Photography by Marta Kaczmarek has been added to our portfolio section. Check more work by Marta Kaczmarek out on #photography #inspiration

Emеrgеnсу GPS-based bеасоn - Aѕ far аѕ I& соnсеrnеd, thеѕе are аn аbѕоlutе muѕt whеn ѕhооtіng іn.

Words that describe a stereotypical man and woman.

Common stereotypes of women and men. Why place gender boundaries?

I dont believe in stereotypes. See people as you see them not a distorted view…

These people are holding signs that are general stereotypes towards their race. Whether people believe these things or not, they have a drastic impact on an individuals life. Stereotypes is an oversimplified fixed idea of an individual.

Print & Digital Production // Gender Equality on FIT Portfolios

For our first project in my Print & Digital Production class, we had to choose a social issue and create a poster addressing it.My poster addresses gender inequality not only in the United States, but around the globe.