Wilanowska Housing Complex by JEMS Architekci, Warszawa, Poland 2009. External facades are formed in a harmonious, restrained and uniform manner in their “grid” structure, with large, evenly spaced horizontal openings.  In order to enhance the intimate ambience of the apartments, movable wooden louvers are provided to a substantial part of the facades, which, alternately open or closed, form a delicate, vibrating structure.

wilanowska-housing-complex, love the way the facade would be ever changing at the whims of the inhabitants.

screens, I've seen this building, it looks so cool in real life too

Checker Box Office Complex / Arsh Design Group

The "Checker Box" is the aptly named office building designed by Tehran-based Arsh Design Group. The office features a moveable facade of dark wood that covers seven stories worth of grey marble.

House 11 x 11 / Titus Bernhard Architekten

House 11 x 11 / Titus Bernhard Architekten

Image 6 of 19 from gallery of House 11 x 11 / Titus Bernhard Architekten. Photograph by Titus Bernhard Architekten

Wooden house Casa di legno Extension+to+a+House+in+Meudon+/+CUT+Architectures Wood volume Architettura esterni casa di legno

Gallery of Extension to a House in Meudon / CUT Architectures - 4

Extension+to+a+House+in+Meudon+/+CUT+Architectures Wood volume Architettura…

Gallery of 34 Social Housing Units In Bondy / Atelier Du Pont - 9

Square Court by Atelier Du Pont, located in Bondy, France. 34 Social housing units are arranged so the balconies are in staggered rows to the views on the street front or to the internal courtyard.

Market Hall in Aarau, Switzerland by Miller & Maranta, 2002

The project for a market hall on Färberplatz (Dyers’ Square in Aarau occupies the long lane between the inner and outer walled rings of the old town at the highly frequented passageway from the Graben (Ditch) to the Schultheissenhöfli (Mayor’s S

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